FRUPP Freeze Dried Snack Bar - Box of 10

FRUPP Freeze Dried Snack Bar - Box of 10


FRUPP - freeze-dried fruit bar - strawberry flavour.



We don't add any flavours!

Unique fruity taste of our snack comes exclusively from fruits.

FRUPP crunchy fruit is a delicious fruit snack. Our bar contains only 35-37 kcal, so it's a healthy alternative for high-calorie sweets. It smells like a freshly picked strawberry and taste amazing. Moreover it's an excellent source of libre. FRUPP strawberry bar contains 8 % of fibre

FRUPP bar was made from fruit, fruit juices and gelling mixture (sugars: trehalose, saccharose, maltodextrine; gelling agent - apple-citrus pectin) without the addition of salt and fat.

250 g of fresh fruit was used to manufacture 100 g of this product using the freeze-drying method. This method retains good taste, aroma and nutritional values of fruits.

Net weight: 100g (10 bars/pcs. x 10g)







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