RASPBERRIES pieces Freeze Dried

RASPBERRIES pieces Freeze Dried

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The raspberries are frozen in the process of extracting moisture from them, they are then brought back to room temperature.

They maintain the original shape, texture, colour and most importantly the flavour of the fresh fruit. Freeze drying removes water but not the flavour and preserves vitamin and nutritional content.

Freeze dried raspberries are available all year round and have an extensive shelf life at room temperature. Air dried fruits will not maintain flavour to the same degree as freeze dried.

We love them on our cereals, in our yogurt in energy bars and other on the go snacks. In fact they're great for snacking anytime and we've discovered that kids especially, find them not only delicious but fascinating. 

Ingredients: 100% raspberries

  • No added sugar.
  • No preservatives.
  • You can eat as crunchy snack straight from the bag, or rehydrate them.

 Few ideas where else to use them:

  • mix with chocolate to create wonderful sweet petit fours,
  • run through ice cream, parfaits and sorbets,
  • include within all aspects of baking such as cookies, bread and cakes.
  • grind into powder form and dust and use in milkshakes
  • just add water or milk and in minutes the fruits will re-hydrate to their original form.

Size: 10kg 

For bigger quantities and wholesale prices, please contact: info@naturallyconnected.co.uk

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